What is a sologamy marriage and does it have benefits?



Marriage isn’t exactly what it used to be traditionally.

The main concept was that a man and woman, who deeply love each other, would come together to express their commitment in the highest form by getting married.

Currently, marriage comes in all forms and we are hearing more about different types including ‘sologamy’.

Sologamy is a self-marriage which means you are getting married, but, to yourself.

Crazy right? Ridiculous as that is, it is becoming more popular especially in places like Japan and the UK and it’s mostly a thing that women do.

This is definitely confusing but there is a deeper reason why sologamists decide to get married to themselves.

  • It gives you the desired title of being married

Getting married is still something that many people fantasize about. Many of us as little girls growing up would imagine ourselves as princesses falling in love with a handsome prince and riding off into the sunset.

For sologamists, the whole thing is that you can decide to get that title without necessarily waiting on a man to see your worth. It’s a way of fulfilling that desire but still acknowledging that marriage can be viewed from different angles.

  • It symbolizes self-love

Believers will argue that there is no bigger commitment to loving yourself than actually having a solo wedding. I mean, this is real because women actually shop for a wedding dress, they invite guests, they say their personal vows and do everything that entails a wedding, minus a groom. That is a whole new level.

People who do this are showing that they are committed to their own happiness, to self-appreciation, and that is the deeper meaning of getting married to yourself.

  • It technically leads to a stress-free marriage

Getting married is beautiful but it can also be stressful at times. There are moments when you will miss doing what you want on your own terms and sologamy is something that eliminates all that hassle.

You don’t have to debate with anyone about changing your name and you don’t have to stress about big changes like moving, which often comes with traditional marriages.

  • Divorce isn’t a big deal

One thing that people are terrified of when it comes to marriages is divorce. And when we look at the divorce statistics, it’s not encouraging either.

When you’re married to yourself, you can’t really divorce yourself. Even if you decide to, there is no nasty court battle. Also, it’s not really considered adultery if you’re interested in someone else.

Although sologamy is not a legally binding thing, it’s less messy as compared to the legal issues that might come up with traditional marriages.

  • It might help bring closure

Sologamists don’t just get married to themselves because it’s empowering, but because it’s also something that might help you let go of your past especially if you had a bad relationship or you have been married before and got divorced.

Doing this helps you feel like you’re having a new start on life.