7 reasons why energy drinks are bad for your health



Yes, energy drinks are very bad for you.

People of all ages consume them because they are intended to boost your energy, alertness, and concentration which is why energy drinks continue to grow in popularity.

However, several scientific evidences have pointed out that energy drinks are harmful to your health.

Here are some reasons why you need to cut back on those dangerously addictive beverages;

1. Energy drinks can cause heart problems

Caffeine is the major ingredient in energy drinks, thanks to its ability to increase alertness. Energy drinks have been proven to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Consistently taking energy drinks can put a strain on your heart and cause issues as severe as heart failure in the future.

2. They are loaded with sugar

Most energy drinks contain a sizeable amount of sugar which is bad for you. Excessive sugar intake can cause inflammation which has been linked to a number of chronic conditions including cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and also obesity.

3. Energy drinks are addictive

You can get addicted to energy drinks. You can get addicted to the energy boost you get from it. This can lead to a lack of proper functioning when you don’t take them.

4. Energy drinks can lead to insomnia

Energy drinks do a really great job of keeping you awake. However, when abused, they can cause you to lose sleep altogether. Lack of sleep can then impair proper functioning.

5. Energy drinks can lead to dehydration

The caffeine in energy drinks has a diuretic effect on the body. It makes you lose fluid in the form of urine, leading to dehydration.

6. Energy drinks result in tooth decay

Energy drinks are high in sugar and acidity and can cause serious damage to your tooth enamel which leaves your teeth more susceptible to decay.

7. Energy drinks can make you anxious

Excessive consumption of energy drinks can cause more than just physical health issues. It can also result in mental health issues like anxiety, nervousness, and even panic attacks.

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