4 real ways to save money on wedding decorations



You’re probably fantasising about something out of the ordinary for your precious wedding day: a statement flower wall; not one, but two stunning wedding venues; or perhaps just a DJ or a band schedule to make the D -day more lit.

But here’s the catch: all of that fashion is extremely expensive. You can, however, significantly reduce decor costs by using some smart alternatives and not sacrificing important things.

Here are four other ways to save money on wedding decorations while still looking great.

1. Select a venue that does not demand a lot of decoration

Allow the scenery and greenery to do the work for you if you are having your wedding outside. Choose a lovely location and decorate existing structures and trees. Rather than creating a large stage, you could select a venue with plenty of green space, decorate green walls to create a memorable moment.

2. Understand your flowers

Flowers can eat up a large portion of your budget, so knowing your flowers is one of our unique wedding ideas on a budget. For example, if you adore jasmine, especially when they’re out of season, you’d spend a lot of money. Choose garden roses or vintage roses instead. They are less expensive, have longer growing seasons, and could be seasonal flowers. Even your florists can save money by ordering three to five different types of flowers in bulk.

3. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance

When it comes to low-cost weddings, remember that DIY doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Your family and friends can be your personal saviours! Enlist retired aunts to help with centrepiece preparation, your talented cousin to do your makeup, and your BFF who loves to manage with events to help with wedding planning tasks. A “divide and seize” strategy will keep things affordable while relieving you of some of the DIY stress.

4. Make your own photo booth

Why not make your own photobooth instead of paying for a high-priced one? Set up a simple backdrop and some interesting props such as tassels, ferris wheels, ribbons, paper flowers, and even kites! You could even make your own photobooth out of coloured dupattas.

If you’re a bride on a budget, you’re probably looking for ways to save money on your wedding. Bookmark this link because we want you to be able to tie the knot without going into debt.