Minnie Dlamini refuses to sign divorce paper after being caught cheating





Minnie Dlamini is currently trending on social media after it has been reported that she is refusing to sign divorce paper.

The star was reported to have cheated on her husband Quinton Jones and he cannot stand the act of his cheating wife as he files for a divorce.

Dlamini and Jones, who walked down the aisle on July 8 2017, announced their separation in a joint statement in February.

They said they tried to save their five-year marriage in the past two years by consulting with their families and counsellors for advice but decided to go their separate ways when they couldn’t rekindle their love.

This has left Mzansi shocked and unable to process how Minnie was the catalyst in her own marriage demise.

It was also revealed that Minnie left her matrimonial home to enjoy the warmth of another man a month after her brother died.

It is alleged that she grew cold towards Quinton.

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