Ayanda Thabethe frowns at “false” narratives about women in the entertainment industry


Ayanda Thabethe is unexcited about the stories that have been flying on the internet about women in the entertainment industry.

As a TV personality, she said women in the industry work hard the most.

“Some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met are women who work in entertainment and the arts. It’s no child’s play not to know where your next salary will come from – your quality of life is based on the quality of your hustle that’s why we celebrate gigs …”

Ayanda frowned at the stories, as it was reported that some of these women date married and rich businessman just o maintain their luxurious lifestyle; the likes of Mihlali Ndamase, Thuli Phongolo, and many others were mentioned on the list.

“I’m disliking this narrative that’s going around that women in our industry are not hard working – just because you sit behind a desk does not make one less or more of a hard worker than someone who is a freelancer and I can say this with my chest coz I’ve done both successfully,” the mother of one wrote.

“In these Twitter streets it’s seeming as though in order to be considered a good girl or a hard working one , you have to go and actively seek to date someone that’s not doing well in their career or chosen path … people date their preference and their level of exposure,” she added.

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