5 reasons reading make you feel happier



It takes a highly imaginative and skillful writer to make words turn into emotions for the reader.

Ask any book-lover, indulging themselves in book is their escape from the physical world into a world, where it only involves you and your imaginative mind.

People have their reasons for reading. Whether you read for relaxation, motivation, or pure escapism, the truth is that reading can actually make you happier.

Here are 5 reasons being a bookworm will make you a happier person!

1. You can travel without physically going anywhere

Reading is a great way to travel without leaving your seat. All it takes is for your imaginative mind to wander away with the content of your book.

2. Reading reduces stress

We endure stress in our day-to-day life and the perfect way to relieve your tension is by grabbing a book. Amazingly, your stress can be reduced reading for just six minutes at a time. Imagine how you’d feel after several hours of quality reading.

3. Reading can make you sleep better

There are many health benefits tucked in reading. Therefore, get rid of any artificial methods to achieve that peaceful snooze and grab a book because reading can actually make you sleep better.

4. Books can open your mind

Books can lead to an open mind, which will increase your happiness. You can become more tolerant and less prejudiced by reading, according to a study on Harry Potter in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

5. Reading can reduce depression

According to a UK study, readers are “21 percent less likely to experience feelings of depression.” Books are literally happiness boosters, so read on, book-lovers!

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