Nonhle Thema to make a TV comeback


Nonhle Thema announces plans to return to her TV job.

The presenter who has been away for a few years says she misses presenting on TV and she promises to shake things up when she returns.

“The tv presenting passion faded. But I miss it, so I’m planning to come back,” she captioned her post.

She got some of her followers excited after revealing that she will be launching her YouTube channel soon.

Nonhle was highly rated years back in the entertainment industry as she was in the same league as Minnie Dlamini and Bonang Matheba; her presentation skill was top notch and many adored her.

However, she threw herself under the bus after bragging on Twitter and slamming those dragging her. She was canceled and was never heard of.

Hopefully, her return shakes things up as promised.

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