4 ways to establish healthy boundaries with your parents



Every healthy adult relationship should have clear personal boundaries that work for everyone.

Parents also set boundaries with their children to assist them in becoming self-sufficient.

When children mature into adults, however, things become more complicated, and parents must strike a balance between being a parent and allowing their adult child to live their own life.

These are difficult conversations to have, but they are essential for developing a healthy relationship with your parents and yourself.

Setting healthy boundaries with them can result in less resentment, improved conflict management, and a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Here we suggest you 4 ways how you can establish healthy boundaries with your parents.

Healthy boundaries

1. Find out what they’re thinking about

An open conversation is almost always the best place to start when it comes to exploring conflict or tension in any kind of relationship. An open and honest conversation with your parents can help them get a better perspective of your life. Furthermore, just listening to them can reassure them that you are concerned about their feelings.

2. Show appreciation

Appreciate the concern your parents have for you. That said, choosing your words carefully will almost certainly lead to more success and fewer hurt feelings to deal with. Trying to identify exactly what is bothering you can help you enter the conversation with some solutions in mind.

3. Find a middle ground

Common ground with your parents entails sitting down with them and revising the rules that govern your behaviour and life. You may be able to reach a third way that is acceptable to all of you by listening to your parents and expressing candidly what you want. Appreciating your parents shows them that you still value their presence in your life.

4. When to give yourself some breathing room

We need to give pace in order to nurture a healthy relationship. Make the details as specific as possible. It’s perfectly normal for you to want to set boundaries with your parents. This is a normal part of growing up. Pay close attention to how you’re feeling and how much discomfort you can handle in a healthy way. It’s critical to take a break or walk away from the conversation if you feel the need to avoid becoming enraged and escalating the situation.

You get to set your own boundaries and terms at the end of the day. Before, during, and after the conversation with your parents, remind yourself why you’re setting your boundaries and practise self-validation and self-compassion.

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