3 unfortunate mistakes couples make while getting engaged



Getting proposed to by someone you truly care about can be such a special feeling.

The joy of this moment is matched only by planning the official engagement ceremony and inviting all of your loved ones.

But during the planning process of this ceremony and the day of the engagement, some couples tend to make some scandalous mistakes.

In fact, the least damage you could do on your special day is to blurt out and ask a relative you’ve barely seen in years to be your best man or maid of honour.

Take a look at other unfortunate blunders you must avoid-

1. Selecting an expensive ring due to pressure

Some people have pored over scores of wedding magazines over the years and have the perfect ring in mind. But if you haven’t made such progress ahead of your engagement, you may be under pressure to find the perfect ring with little time to spare. The abundance of options available today, may leave you spoiled for choice. But with your in-laws and relatives peeping over your shoulder you may be forced into choosing a ring you don’t like. Be it an expensive diamond that looks like a gaudy bauble on your finger or a ring with an unflattering band; remember to only buy the one that suits you, as you’ll have it forever.

2. Inviting acquaintances out of politeness

Because an engagement party is not as formal or traditional a ceremony as your wedding, you can really let your hair down and have a gala time at the event. However, you may not be able to truly be yourself or be comfortable around a hoard of people you barely know. So, avoid inviting people you don’t know well and stick to close friends and family for the engagement function.

3. Telling your guests exactly how the nuptials will be

Every bride deserves the flexibility of changing her mind before her big day. If you’re already told people about how you will be having a fantastic beach wedding, only to have a small ceremony in your hometown, then your guests may be disappointed. Conversely if you’ve promised them a big fat city wedding, but you later elope with your fiancé so that the expenditure is less, then your guests’ feelings may be hurt on being uninvited.

So, the safe bet would be to stay in the moment and enjoy your engagement. Avoid committing or speaking extensively about when and how you would be tying the knot.