Somizi – I wish I could date Vusi Nova


Somizi Mhlongo says he wishes to date his best friend, Vusi Nova.

The two celebrities have been friends for years and their bond is quite enviable, though, it’s been rumored lots of times that the two are dating, but such rumors have been tagged false.

In one of the episodes of Som’s reality show, Living the Dream with Somizi, the media personality opened up about how gets well treated by his friend, which makes him wish they could date.

“I wish we could like date. He bought me a sword and a huge bouquet of flowers and took me to the spa. (That was the) the first year, 2005. Now, he’s taking me to a spa again for a drip. I’m not shocked and I know he’s going to bring me a gift. And the first of the gifts, that is Vusi for you,” he said.

“He is the most generous, the sweetest… friend,” he added.

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