Emtee speaks on people wanting him dead


Emtee claims there are people who anticipate his death.

The rapper is known to be brave and not timid when it’s time to talk about death, as he’s spoken about it several times, in fact, he’s given rules on how his death should be celebrated.

Taking to Twitter this week, the star randomly spoke about people who question when he will die.

“There are people sitting and wondering; “when is HE dying!?” he tweeted.

The Trap King’s statement got fans talking, as many urged him not to allow the negativity to get to him.

Bro, ya have survived the most. The negativity shouldn’t be letting ya down, instead, it must build ya n strengthen ya up. Those who appreciate, relate much to your hustle,” a fan wrote.

A few fans sent him a prayer, saying he won’t die now.

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