“I’ll be home with my man,” Bonang Matheba on her 35th birthday celebration


Bonang Matheba is a June baby and she’s planned out how she intends to celebrate her birthday this year.

A concerned fan spoke about her birthday and assumed that there will be a party.

Reacting to the fan’s statement, Queen B said there will be nothing as she will be stuck in her man’s arms on her birthday.

“Nothing. I will be home with my man,” she responded.

This is entirely unexpected as the media personality is known to always throw a party or dinner to mark her birthday.

Even when she was low-key in 2021, she celebrated her birthday with friends abroad and she teased some video clips on social media.

Meanwhile, Bonang Matheba is yet to be open about the man she’s dating, but it’s obvious that the star is head over heels in love as she’s spoken of her man more than twice.

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