7 Iconic 90s makeup trends that are making a comeback



There is no such thing as “old trends” in the beauty world. Makeup trends that we despised a few years ago are now a fad.

While the nostalgia strikes us hard, the good news is that some of those makeup trends are making a comeback, and we aren’t complaining.

We take a look into the decade’s best beauty moments to discover what’s making a big comeback that we must try.

The comeback of the 90s most iconic beauty trends are….

1. Darker lip liner

Back in the ’90s, dark–often brown–lip liner was all the rage. This is the one makeup trend that we’ve all seen, worn, and loved. And we’re thrilled that it’s back! A darker lip liner paired with a lighter creamy lip colour not only gives depth and definition but also looks stunning.

 2. Brown lips

One of the most popular makeup trends right now, wearing brown lips was popular in the 1990s before we moved on to pinks, reds and nudes. Remember when Jennifer Aniston wore brick brown lipstick on Friends? That’s the look we’re referring to.

3. Frosted eyes and lips

Frosted lips and eyelids were the ultimate glam look in the 1990s, when shimmer, shine, and all things glossy were all the rage. The ice strobe-like effect looks so chic when achieved with iridescent pastel shadows and lip products. Paris Hilton and Kate Moss sported frosted lips back in the day, which serve as ideal analogies for now.

4. Keeping it glossy and sassy

If you remember when Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez debuted on the pop charts, you’ll recall that the glossy-lip look was the OG makeup rage. The high-shine, perfectly-lined lip trend has returned. Plump-looking, lined lips loaded with coloured lip gloss are the season’s must-have.

5. Glittery glam

If you think you’ve outgrown glitter, think again. It’s time to rethink those glitter looks with a modern twist. Glitter makeup styles are making a comeback in our makeup routine, as seen by a quick scroll across social media.

6. Skinny brows

This is one of those classic 90s makeup trends that was desperate for a comeback. The pencil brow–eyebrows so thin they could cut you–is back. So if you’re brave enough to follow along, it’s time to whip out your tweezers (maybe even a razor) and your finest-tipped pencil and get to work.

7. Lip gloss

Any kid who grew up in the 90s remembers the lip gloss craze. Every cool girl had at least three options in her backpack at any given time (or “flavors,” as they were often categorized then) and it was as prevalent on the red carpet as it was in bathroom cabinets of tweens. As with every retro trend, lip gloss has had a makeover. With less sticky formulas and even glossier finishes, this beauty staple feels as sophisticated as it does nostalgic. Of all the 90s makeup trends on this list, it’s hard to believe this ever went out of style.

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