5 incredible health benefits of eggplant



You may not like to eat eggplant vegetable, but after knowing the benefits of it, you will definitely want to eat it.

Eggplant will not only give you health benefits, Rather it will also affect your increasing weight.

So next time before putting the eggplant away, make sure you know these 5 best benefits from it.

5 health benefits of eggplant

1. If you are overweight, and you are trying to reduce it, then it may be beneficial for you to include eggplant in your diet. Actually, eggplant has very low calorie content and is rich in fiber, which helps in losing weight.

2. There is only 25 calories per hundred grams of eggplant. Eggplant does not contain cholesterol, rather it helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Even after taking a small amount of it, the stomach fills quickly and you are saved from over eating.

3. It helps the liver to make bile by absorbing blood cholesterol. This also cleanses the toxins present in your digestive system, which reduces the risk of colon cancer.

4. Eggplant contains an excessive amount of chlorogenic acid, which acts as a strong antioxidant agent. Apart from this, the antioxidants present in eggplant also protect you from the damage and stress caused by free radicals.

5. Being helpful in lowering cholesterol, eggplant is also good for the heart, which helps in blood flow by reducing cholesterol in the arteries. In addition, it is beneficial in blood pressure and diabetes, because it is low in carbohydrates and high in fiber.

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