Do men prefer big butts? Here’s what research says



With so many pop culture references making their way to the internet about ‘the big booty’, the obsession over big butts has reached its peak.

Countless celebs have gotten plastic surgery done to enlarge their butt, because, over time, it has been considered to be a very attractive form of beauty.

Many do it to gain confidence and many do it to attract the attention of their partners.

It has been said that men really like big butts, do they really prefer it so much? Let’s get down to decoding it.

  • Popular beliefs

It is a popular belief that women with a curvaceous spine structure are able to balance their weight on the hips when they are pregnant. It is more effective during pregnancy and it leads to fewer spine injuries. Men prefer to be with women who have a better ability to bear children.

  • Scientific research

Research at the University of Texas at Austin has recently observed that while it is considered that men are really attracted to big butts, they are more drawn toward the curvature of the back that portrays the picture of a nicely, shaped butt. The study consisted of 100 men, between the age of 17 to 34 who were asked to rate a woman’s attractiveness based on their sideway’s silhouette. Every image had been altered at the lower spine to curve it out at different angles. It was found that men preferred it when the lower spine of the curved at a 45-degree angle.

  • Research via different butt shapes

The researchers conducted another study that observed that around 200 men were turned on by women whose spinal curvature was 45 degrees or close to that, no matter the size of their butt. This proved that men actually prefer women who have a specific spinal curvature, and not the size of their butt.

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