8 reasons why cuddling is more intimate than s*x



Most of us enjoy a good roll in the hay, but I dare you to find one human on the planet who doesn’t love a good cuddle.

In fact, there are a bunch of reasons why cuddling can actually be more intimate than sex itself.

1. It forces you to be vulnerable

Having someone else wrap their arms around you and hold you close makes it almost impossible to be closed off or act tough. Instead, cuddling can be the precursor to saying what’s on your mind and getting sentimental about how you

2. It’s hard to cuddle without feelings

We’d like to think that every person who jumps into bed with someone else at least cares about the other person a little bit, but the truth is, some people are great at meaningless encounters. When it comes to snuggling, however, it’s literally impossible with someone you have no emotional connection with. It just wouldn’t happen. Think about it—it would be so weird!!

3. You’re quite literally leaning on someone else

Even for the strongest woman who likes to say she doesn’t need a man to fix her, being human means we sometimes need to fall and just know that someone is there to catch us. Being vulnerable enough to cuddle means you give in to the ultimate surrender and let someone else be there for you. It’s a very powerful reminder that it’s okay to not always do everything on our own. Sometimes being strong is overrated anyway.

4. It fulfills a different kind of need

Sure, experiencing ecstasy is great at satisfying one kind of primal instinct, but there are other things we humans crave more just than a happy ending. It’s proven that hugs and physical contact lead to better moods and less depression, and cuddling is one big giant hug. Plus, it’s probably true that if you’ve snuggled with someone first, you’re more likely to have that happy ending…

5. You’re trapped.. In a good way

When he’s passed out with his limbs tangled up with yours, it’s impossible for either of you to get away. Instead, you get to lie there and watch him sleep, which can be totally adorable. You’ll notice all sorts of cute things about him that you haven’t seen before. Even when you have to pee so bad and he’s keeping you from getting to the bathroom, how comfy he looks is worth it.

6. It can actually lead to sleep

After making love, you (or the guy) usually run out so quick to make sure it’s clear there is no intention of a sleepover. But when you’re lying wrapped up in someone’s arms, it’s natural to doze off or take a little nap. When you’re that comfortable there’s nothing wrong with giving in to the temptation to sleep.

7. There’s no end goal

Doing it can sometimes feel like a means to a very specific end, and that takes the meaning right out of it. When you cuddle, it’s just that—cuddling. No one’s in a rush, you don’t have to worry about timing anything right, and there’s no worrying about whether someone gets off and someone doesn’t. You just get to enjoy.

8. Guys don’t just cuddle with everyone

Unlike the potentially low standards of deeming a woman desirable enough to sleep with, most men won’t just snuggle with anyone. If he’s perfectly content laying there fully clothed and is happy just to be next to you, it speaks volumes more than just wanting to rip your shirt off.

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