5 things every groom should do on his wedding day



When it comes to what a groom needs to do on his wedding day, there’s more to his to-do list than get dressed, show up on time, and, well, get married!

While that’s obviously necessary, there are other things a groom should consider on his big day.

For starters, it’s a huge milestone in his life so he doesn’t want to feel rushed or stressed, and he certainly wants to remember every detail as much as possible.

In order to have the best wedding day ever, here are five crucial things that every groom needs to do before he says “I do.”

1. Send her a love letter

Assuming your wife-to-be is jittery on the morning of the wedding, have one of your groomsmen deliver her a sweet and simple note from you while she’s hanging with her friends I’m getting ready a few hours before the wedding. In fact, nothing will sooth her nerves more than a declaration of love from her man.

2. Spend time with your friends

The wedding day is more than just the day you make a lifelong commitment to someone else. It’s also the day you bid your single self farewell. Spend some time with your friends as part of this rite of passage because they have been with you every step of the way. It’s the proper way to bid farewell to the old you and cross the bridge into your new married life with your friends by your side.

3. Confirm the best man has the rings

One of the few actual chores (lucky you!) on the groom’s to-do list is ensuring that the wedding rings arrive on time via the best man. If he spends most of his time daydreaming, remind him to put the rings in the wedding jacket or pants he’ll be wearing that day. Sure, no one is going to shout, “Stop the ceremony!” if he forgets them back at the hotel.

4. Eat smart

You have to be very selective on what to eat on your wedding day. For instance, raw onions, garlic and fish are way too odoriferous for someone who is going to be kissing and hugging dozens of people all day.

5. Practice your wedding vows out loud

Even though you might have taken time to write your personal vow, I’ll advise you to practice how you will say it aloud so that you will deliver them to the crowd with passion and exuberance. In fact, I would advise you to spend 10 minutes repeating them out loud.

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