7 unspoken gym etiquette everyone should follow



Whether you are an avid gym-goer or a newcomer, there are some common gym etiquette you should know before you step into a gym.

Gyms don’t always hand over a rule book when you join it, but you are expected to apply some common sense on your own.

Here is a list of seven annoying habits people demonstrate in the gym:

1. Not putting equipment back in its designated space

This is the most common mistake most of the people. People use the equipment and leave a disorganized mess behind them for the fitness center employees to clean it. Whenever you use any gym equipment, put it back in the right place. Leaving the equipment in a disorganized way creates unnecessary hassle for others.

2. Drop weights loudly

No matter how long you have been working for or how exhausted your muscles are, you should never drop your weight on the ground loudly. Letting your weight bang loudly on the ground can disturb others. Moreover, it may lead to accidents. Slow down and place the weights gently.

3. Talk over the phone loudly

You are surrounded by people in the gym and you need to be mindful about it. Talking loudly on the phone is a big no-no. Nobody wants to be a part of your conversation. You should completely shut down your phone when you are in the gym. But if it is an important call and you need to take it at all cost then go out of the gym.

4. Socialise a lot

A gym is a place to work out, so one should concentrate on the same. While it might be fun to chit chat a bit with your friend exercising in the same gym, try to keep it minimal. If you stand in the middle of the gym and indulge in a little conversation, this will only disturb others.

5. Sit down on machine without using it

While it is important to take a short break between two repetitions, but you should not stretch that rest period of 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Most of the people do intense exercise for 1 minute and then scroll through Instagram for ten minutes before starting the next one. This attitude is not right. If your idea of a break is 10 minutes long then give someone else the chance to use the machine.

6. Leaving the machine sweaty

If you are done exercising on a machine, wipe down your sweat when you get down from it. Nobody likes to work out on a machine full of germs and sweat.

7. You eat in the workout area

The urge to have something to eat post-workout session is quite obvious, but do not do it in the gym. Everybody wants their surrounding to be clean and if you chow down in the gym you might be making the area untidy.

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