DJ Zinhle gets dragged for spending R700 on snacks in Dubai


DJ Zinhle opened up about her experience while on vacation in Dubai and she got trolled for it.

The star claimed to have spent R700 on buying snacks and juice; she believes it’s too costly, as she said her money isn’t enough to live in such a country.

“We paid R700 for two burgers, two fries & 2 orange juices. Hhay guys! My budget ain’t for Dubai living. Tjo! I respect the girls who frequent this place because right now I must just to pretend that I’m not hungry again,” she tweeted.

Lots of fans advised her to stop calculating and enjoy the vacation, while a few persons trolled her for being prodigal, as they claimed she ought to spend such money on the needy.

“Wow I wonder when you are giving back to the community if you can spend that much on a burger and you also wear designer clothes worth millions of Rands, give back to the needy Zintle,” a Twitter user wrote.

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