American rapper, Phora wants a collaboration with A-Reece


American rapper, Phora expresses interest in working with the South African star, A-Reece.

The international star burst into excitement after going through Reece’s discography; he then spoke about a collaboration, but the SA rapper is yet to react.

“Just got done going through A-Reece’s entire discography!!! Cr*zy vibe. Gotta make sum happen,” Phora wrote.

Meanwhile, Phora announced canceling his SA show, which was supposed to happen this year.

“South Africa  I feel like I’ve let you down…South Africa. Heartbroken to say I will not be able to perform out there this year. I was excited and ready to meet and celebrate with you all. Apparently your voice and my voice isn’t strong enough for whoever is controlling what happens. I want to make it up to you, but how?”


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