Men gossip more than women, study finds



A survey from BMRB Research in United Kingdom has revealed that males gossip more than females, and the surprising benefits of gossiping for men.

Gossiping is a means of sharing information among human beings, according to psychologists.

The urge to tell someone about an event or certain ‘news’ in whispers and secret is accepted by social scientists as a trail of the human evolutionary past.

In order to survive and pass along your genes it has pretty much always been necessary to know about the lives of those around you: who had powerful friends, who was sleeping with whom, who had limited resources, and who might stab you in the back when times got tough. People who were not interested in gossip were not good at attracting and keeping mates, or maintaining alliances. The ones who weren’t interested in the goings on of other people sort of got weeded out,” says Frank McAndrew Ph. D, Psychology

According to him, ‘everyone gossips‘.

However, recent findings show that, due to a number of reasons, men are more gossipy than women. For instance men are incapable of keeping a secret for more than 3 hours while women go an extra 40 minutes.

Men are also said to have short attention spans and are willing to indulge chitchat. More than 15% of men spend at least 3 hours a day gossiping and they spread rumours more than women.

55% of men indulge in gossip at work while 46% of women do, and 17% of male spouses are more interested in pillow-talk.

33% of men experience happiness when talking with workmates, 58% acquiesce that gossiping gives them a sense of belonging and 31% feel better while gossiping with their partners.

Gossip topics for men include; news, female workmates, circulating rumours and how they spread, promotion at work, sexual relationships, drunk friends, bosses.

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