How to dress for a job interview



One of the biggest sartorial dilemmas is ‘what to wear for a job interview?’.

Be it your first job interview or a big career switch, a good outfit can always make you feel your best.

Formal outfits can exhibit stronger leadership skills than casual outfits, while sometimes ‘too formal’ can also make you look stuck-up.

So, what should one wear? To solve this burning question, we have charted a few tips that will surely guide you.

Read on and be prepared for your next job interview:

When it’s formal

– You can do a bit research on the company. Find out if it has a strict dress code, where everyone has to abide by the rules. You can also check with the HR of the company to get a heads-up.

– In this case, take out your sharp blazers and wrinkle-free shirts to make an impression.

– Skip your beat-up shoes with a new pair and keep your hairdo simple and basic.

– Men can go for a clean-shaven look or a trimmed beard, while women can stick to a slicked updos or a good blowout.

When it’s casual

If you feel the place is a bit relaxed and doesn’t have any strict dress code, you still need to look your best.

– Even if it’s casual, you should try to balance your look. Something like ripped jeans and red shoes can be a risk to take. Try to skip loud colours with basic colours.

– If you feel like wearing jeans, skip the non-faded versions and go for true shades of blue.

– Wearing jeans doesn’t mean you should wear your logo and graphic tees. Try to keep it semi-formal with dressy shirts, top and even layering them with blazers.

When it’s relaxed

Sometimes formal can be boring for startup companies or even for creative careers. Here, wearing a three-piece suit can be quite a bummer.

– In this case, research on the company, the interviewer and even the founder (if you’re meeting him/her). This will help you to give the feel of the workplace.

– Depending on the workplace, you can experiment with your casual outfits and look your best. Which means, you should dress for the job you want and not what you have.

– You can also experiment with different silhouettes, patterns and colours.

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