5 qualities that show your partner will make a good dad



Although each new parent reacts differently to parenthood, there are some pointers that your person will not only transfer their striking genes but will also be a great father.

Here’s a list of them below:

He is connected to his inner child and has adorable interests that he will no doubt be excited to share with the children. He takes joy in explaining his interests and takes seriously things that are socially considered corny. He is also ready to get his hands and body dirty to get the job done around the house.

Saying things like “I love you,” “I’m sorry” but also comfortable with silence. He takes joy in seeing others happy and makes room for honesty and silence to deal with appropriate moments. He also has close friends that he shares a good relationship with, the kind that make you think they will be good uncles.

Although he financially provides for the family, he knows his presence is needed and that he is not limited to the role of providing.

He is either good at handywork or a sport, or something else that is not his job, he appreciates that fields for the work ethic involved there in. He has mastered the skill and the learning process which is key in learning to be a parent. He does not mind struggling with something in the process of learning.

He does not say it just because you ask, he is comfortable with the idea of being a father and does not need convincing.

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