Prince Kaybee apologises for the delay of his wine, Milani


Prince Kaybee is yet to launch the wine brand named after his son, Milani.

Weeks ago, the music producer unveiled the wine brand which is a work in progress.

“My name is Prince Kaybee, Founder of a proudly South African wine called MILANI. Only 7000 bottles a year are available by order. Its an exclusive wine, harvested by hardworking dedicated men and women. Each bottle is signed and packaged by yours truly. We are launching soon,” he tweeted in June.

However, he is yet to launch the brand as he is seen pushing his music career in the UK and other international countries.

Kaybee explained on Thursday after apologising that capital is one of the reasons why he’s not launched the wine as he takes from his family money to grow the business.

“We are not done yet bro, owning majority share of a product like that means you are a major investor so a lot of capital is being put in from my family’s money, but like I said, we almost done. My apologies for the delay,” he wrote.

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