5 signs you’re dealing with an emotional vampire



If you’re already familiar with the fictional vampire characters from cartoons, you have an idea of what they’re about.

They drain you physically and one word that can describe them is ‘selfish’.

In real life, emotional vampires don’t walk around with long fang-like teeth and dark cloaks.

They’re people we interact with every day including our spouses, parents, relatives, and even bosses.

Not all emotional vampires are aware of their behavior and it doesn’t even mean that they’re trying to be horrible people.

But still, the negative impact of their behavior can be felt by others around them.

It certainly doesn’t feel good to be around an emotional vampire and neither is it nice to be identified as one.

These signs will tell you what to look out for so you can call out this behavior, or change, in case you can honestly say that this is you:

1. Their lives are full of crises

Of course, no one can say that their life has been a hundred percent wonderful. In fact, we go through so many challenges every day and most of us have deep obstacles that we don’t talk about.

A part of them is addicted to the sympathy they get when they constantly talk about their problems and drama.

Even if there’s something positive going on in their life, they will still find something negative to share. They will also find a way to turn a small issue into a big catastrophic situation and that’s a big sign that you’re dealing with an emotional drainer.

2. They have an elevated sense of self-importance

Emotional vampires tend not to have self-awareness. They often have the mentality that they’re so great and that they’re more special than everyone else.

Something common you will hear them say is, ‘they’re jealous of me when in reality, no one is bothered about them the way they imagine.

They’re so warped up in their own egos that they don’t know how to build real confidence.

3. They’re never the problem

The other thing about them is ignorance when it comes to accountability. This is also connected to the point about self-awareness because they don’t understand how their actions push people away.

They will start to notice that their relationships are always falling apart but in their mind, they’ll assume that everyone else is the problem regardless of the situation.

If they can’t find someone to blame, they will blame life instead of taking responsibility.

4. They are entitled to help

This mostly happens when it comes to people that are close to us like parents, relatives, and close friends. The tactic they will often use is guilt so that they can manipulate you into helping them.

If someone constantly reminds you of that one favor they did for you hundreds of years ago to guilt-trip you into helping them, they could be one of them.

5. You always feel drained around them

There are many versions of emotional vampires but one way you will know you’re dealing with one is by checking how you feel when you interact with them.

Understanding this sign is essential because it will help you identify those emotional vampires who don’t intentionally try to drain you. You will finally understand what’s actually going on and handle the situation.