4 ingredients desserts to satisfy your cravings in minutes



Oftentimes cravings hit you at a time when you are looking at an empty pantry that is ill equipped to cook up your favorite treat.

Or perhaps you have very little time on your hands, and yet are compelled by the urge to sink your teeth into a delicious dessert.

Well, in such times three-ingredient desserts are exactly what you need. They help you whip up something wonderful in a matter of minutes to satiate your sugar cravings.

So, try your hand at the following recipes and appease the hangry Goddess in yourself or your loved ones.

1. Sugar free and guilt-free orange squares

If a bit of fresh fruit is all you have then this recipe is for you. Right from raspberries to fresh oranges, you can use a variety of fruits as the core ingredient for this recipe. If you are using oranges, you will need to squeeze the juice out of them using a juicer. Additionally, a ladle full of honey and some corn starch can help you complete this dish. You can use desiccated coconut for the garnish. Although it is optional.

2. 3-Ingredient Layered Pudding

Should you be craving a sinful pudding that reminds you of the tiramisu, then this layered pudding is for you. The best part is that you won’t need to use a microwave for it. All you will require is a couple of cans of sweetened condensed milk, some Lemon Juice and some crispy and crumbly Biscuits. You will need to whip up the cream as per the recipe to get the desired consistency.

3. Strawberry fluff dessert

For those who crave desserts but have banished refined sugar from their diets, this strawberry delight shall please you. Not only is it free of sugar, but it also contains low fat ingredients that manage to taste divine. You can swap out the strawberry with any berries that happen to be in season. However, you will need fresh cream for this one. Take a look-

4. White chocolate and peanut butter delight

This dessert is the most sinful of the lot. But should you be on the lookout for an easy chocolate dessert, then it fits the bill. You will need a mini pretzel for this recipe along with peanut butter and White chocolate ganache. There are several such variations to the cookie that you can try your hand at if you happeto prefer cream cheese and caramel toppings. Have a look-