Is your relationship too dependent on s*x? Here’s what you should know



S*x is a pretty important part of your relationship, but too much of a good thing can really make things go downhill.

If you find it hard to connect emotionally with your partner except for between the sheets, that’s when you need to start worrying.

Watch out for these signs that indicate that while you have a healthy sex life, there is nothing else in the offing.

1. You don’t have any heart to heart conversations

You meet often, but there seems to be zero connection between the two of you when it comes to emotions. You talk a lot, but it’s mostly sexting.

2. You love the PDA a tad too much

Sure public displays of affection are healthy and nice, however, if you are always the couple who is excusing themselves from a group to go make out in a car, maybe you guys are taking it a little too far.

3. Your only association with each other is sex

It’s great to keep things wild and dirty in the bedroom, but if the first thing you can think of when you remember your partner is their amazing body and the ability to make you scream, maybe things aren’t going all that well.

4. You hardly meet without a booty call in the works

If you can’t get down and dirty, there seems to be no point in the meeting. You both don’t see any reason to sit down and talk unless there is a wild night promised.

5. You practically can’t think beyond the bedroom

The one time that you both went for a regular coffee date, things went disastrously bad. You both don’t know what to talk about if you aren’t doing the deed.

While good sex is an important aspect of a relationship, sexual dependency not so much. Unless you both are okay with this sort of casual setup, you need to change things. If you are noticing these signs, it’s a good idea to make it a point to develop a relationship outside the sheets too.

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