3 signs that prove you’re independent and not co-dependent in your relationship



The prospect of love is new and exciting for everyone who steps into a relationship.

But once the butterflies settle down and commitment is formed between two partners, you must look forward to the next stage of your relationship.

This revolves around establishing stability and a balance of love, work, health, and family life.

An important facet in this is figuring out whether you have your own independence in the relationship, or are extension of your partner.

Co-dependency can kill relationships long term. So, look out for the following signs that tell you, you have your own independence in a healthy relationship.

1. You have adequate breathing room and your own safe haven

It can be hard for couples who are cohabitating to ensure that they have common spaces as well as a private space that is the very own. This is important because it can be where they can unwind, relax and get a fresh perspective. An easy way to create this in your home is to dedicate a den, study room or even an attic as your very own retreat where you can head off to sort through your thoughts and get some solace when life gets overwhelming.

2. You enjoy separate hobbies as well

Just as it is important to spend time with your partner; having separate hobbies and time apart has equal merit. This is because enjoying individual hobbies that ensure you’re spending a healthy dose of time away from your partner lets you grow and evolve as an individual. This is apart from your identity as a part of a couple. So, take up gardening, Tai-chi or even chess if it gets you some me-time.

3. You are not isolated from your friends or family

Initially in relationships, a lot of people refuse to leave their partners alone even for a short period because they assume that being out of sight might leave them out of mind. However, you must not isolate your partner and allow them to spend a healthy dose of family time. They should be reciprocating by ensuring you get time with your friends and family as well.

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