6 beauty items you should not be using every day



When you find a product that simply transforms your look for the better, it’s tempting to use it every day. Unfortunately, not all products are recommendable for daily use.

Some of our favourite products are best used once or twice a week, or just occasionally. Here’s your guide on which products to bench and for how long:

1. Medicated lip balm

If you have suffered from dry, chapped lips you know how relieving it is to finally find a medicated lip balm that works. The refreshing coolness of a medicated lip balm can immediately soothe your cracked lips.

However, medicated lip balm shouldn’t be used every day- it only ends up making your lips drier and more chapped.

Overuse of medicated lip balm can also cause your lips to over-rely on the ingredients to stay moisturised. The solution is to use medicated lip balm until your lips are no longer chapped and then switch to a regular lip balm.

2. Makeup primer

Who doesn’t love primer? It covers skin pores, lines, and other uneven spots so our makeup can go on smoothly. We have a primer to thank for making our makeup sit for longer and more evenly.

However, your skin might thank you if you take a break from primer every now and then. According to beauty experts, the silicone in primer could clog pores with oils and sweat and lead to more breakouts. Save primer once or twice a week or on special occasions, and be sure to wash your skin well when removing it.

3. Waterproof mascara

Don’t you just hate it when after carefully and flawlessly applying your mascara, it runs and becomes a mess because of you tearing up or being sweaty? No wonder finding waterproof mascara feels like such a lifesaver!

Too bad you can’t wear waterproof mascara every day. Why? It tends to dry out your lashes, is more difficult to remove, and can lead to the loss of your precious lashes. Using waterproof mascara can also lead to eye infections.

Keep your waterproof mascara for occasions such as weddings or date nights. For your daily use stick to regular mascara. Alternatively, apply a coat of regular mascara before applying waterproof mascara- this will make it easier to remove.

4. Exfoliators

When you exfoliate your skin, you are left with a wonderful feeling of refreshing cleanliness. However, if used more than once or twice a week, exfoliators can wreak serious havoc on your skin. They can dry out your skin and lead to more skin breakouts. Additionally, many exfoliating products contain micro-beads or other scrubbing agents that can cause micro-tears in your skin with overuse- which can lead to scarring.

Sensitive skin is especially susceptible and might be easily irritated by exfoliator overuse. Keep your exfoliator used to no more than a couple of times a week. For sensitive skin, go for products with mild chemical exfoliants rather than abrasive ingredients.

5. Retinols

Retinoids, the derivatives of Vitamin A common in beauty care, are great for brightening skin and preventing premature ageing. Once you discover the wonders of retinoid creams on your skin, you might want to use them every day.

However, overuse of retinol can badly irritate your skin and leave you with more problems to deal with. If you’re a beginner apply retinoid cream sparingly -a pea-size dab is enough- every other night before gradually moving towards nightly use.

The use of retinol will also make your skin more sensitive to UV rays, so you shouldn’t apply it during the day.

6. Matte lipstick

 Matte lipsticks are all the rage. They look great, are long-wearing, and are effortlessly chic. Unfortunately, matte lipsticks are also in the list of products not suitable for daily use. Why? Everyday use can seriously dry your lips

Instead, use more hydrating formulas in between matte lip days. You can even have a day for having nude lips where you only apply lip balm. If you’re hopelessly addicted to matte, show your lips some extra TLC by applying a hydrating lip mask before going to bed.

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