7 leftover meal you can easily reheat in your air-fryer



If you’re not a fan of reheating leftovers in the microwave, hack it with an air-fryer!

It’s super convenient and the high heat ensures crisp, hot leftovers in no time at all, plus you’ll get the most from your air-fryer by using it to its fullest potential.

So, what exactly can you reheat in an air-fryer? The options are limitless and it’s the perfect time to get creative and experiment, just make sure to keep a close eye on whatever you’re reheating to avoid a burnt food disaster!

Most food will only need to be reheated for a few minutes in an air-fryer. Here are some things that we’d highly recommend reheating in an air-fryer:

1. Pizza

Microwaved pizza always seems a bit soggy but using an air-fryer to reheat pizza is life-changing and seriously convenient. Bung a few slices in the air-fryer, taking care not to overcrowd the basket, and the pizza party is sure to go on!

2. Corn on the cob

If you don’t air-fry corn ribs to start off with, you’re already missing out. Reheating corn on the cob or corn ribs in the air-fryer is a must, especially when you live for those little charred corn bits that are literal flavour bombs!

3. ANYTHING battered, crumbed or previously fried

Fried fish, crumbed schnitzel, nuggets, chicken wings – the list is truly endless! Banish leftover soggy reheated fried fish for good – an air-fryer is by far the best way of reheating leftover battered, crumbed or fried foods.

4. Roasted leftovers

Potatoes, chicken, pork belly, chunky sliced butternut… Pretty much anything that’s left over from a hearty, oven-roasted meal can be reinvigorated in the air-fryer. Not only will you have deliciously hot leftover roast chicken, but the skin will be crisp and flavoursome.

5. Pastries

From a stale croissant to tarts, pies and samoosas, it’s safe to assume you should opt for an air-fryer when reheating anything with pastry. The pastry is guaranteed to be crisp and golden, just as it should be! You can always use a small piece of baking paper or a small ovenproof dish when reheating a slice of leftover pie if you’re worried about some of the filling spilling out and making a mess.

6. Toasted or baked bread

Garlic bread, pull-apart cheese buns, naan – odds are that if it’s bready and has been toasted or baked, you can air-fry it to reheat it to crisp satisfaction!

7. Braaied or pan-fried protein or veggies

Lamb chops fresh off the braai are a thing of beauty, so make sure they stay wonderfully crisp by reheating them in an air-fryer. This also goes for seared salmon or even griddled brinjal or broccoli – the high heat of the air-fryer will make it warm and crisp without overcooking when reheating.

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