4 ways to stop feeling desperate for love



Let’s face it, we have all been in situations when we were either long-term singles or searching for a rebound partner following a breakup.

And regrettably, this is the moment when desperation begins to set in when one’s dating possibilities seem limited and one goes for extended stretches without finding anyone suitable.

And there may even come a time when we are unable to tolerate being alone and have lowered our standards to the point where we will sleep close to anyone as long as they are comforting.

The majority of people don’t take the time to consider what they want in a romantic relationship and instead, in a state of desperation, just choose to be with a partner and call it love.

We therefore provide you four ways to help you stop feeling desperate for love in order to prevent situations where your helplessness and neediness are driving you there.

1. Allow a bit more time for yourself

So perhaps you don’t have a constant romantic interest in your life. But even if it comes from yourself, you might still understand love, affection, or tenderness. Get rid of the pressure to settle down. People make the wrong choices and come across as desperate when they have a strong want to continually be in someone else’s company.

2. Concentrate on the advantages of being single

Be grateful for what you already have! That trait is endlessly appealing. While there are positives to being in a relationship, being single can also have perks. You have more time to focus on objectives like expanding your career and establishing a fulfilling profession. In the end, knowing your personal preferences and wants can help you in choosing the best lengthy relationship choice.

3. Make new connections

Spend time networking and developing new relationships. Being in a relationship isn’t right for you right now if your issue is that you depend on other people for happiness. The opportunity for a magical experience offered by meeting new individuals will make you feel a bit more liberated than earlier. Even connecting over a brunch with your friends can help you feel more normal. You can avoid thinking about your cravings by being present and receiving support from those who care about you.

4. Put an end to comparing yourself to others

If all of your friends are dating, it’s normal to feel left out or envious, but try not to become resentful. There are strategies to stop this behaviour, and one of them involves being accustomed to being by yourself. Being single for a while is ultimately not the worst thing in the world. You’ll be happier if you give up complaining and concentrate more on other elements of your life.

If you engage in and appreciate meaningful activities, you can be content as a single person. When you find the right partner—the one who loves you unconditionally and whom you adore equally—it would be the right moment to settle down. Till then, hold onto hope.

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