Trevor Noah pays touching tribute to late Gogo – Watch




Trevor Noah has opened up about grief and how much he misses his late grandmother who passed away only three months ago.

In May, the star eulogizes his 95-year-old grandmother who got laid to rest.

In a heartwarming Instagram video, the Daily Show host spoke about his fondest memories with his late Gogo and how much he misses her now that she is no longer.

His post received many beautiful comments from people who could relate to how he is feeling. Many of them wished him well during this period of grief.

And now he has spoken up about how she positively impacted his life. In a video shared on the ten Daily Show Instagram page, Trevor says:

“That’s what (my Grandmother) left me. Always laughing, always remembering, always appreciating, and just trying to remember where you were, where you are, and where you’re trying to be. She gave me perspective. I think that was something she always did for myself, for my family, she put things into perspective,” said Noah.

“When you have lived for nine decades, the perspective that you have on progress…progressive ideas on improving your life as a person, whatever it may be, the perspective you have is a really interesting one.”

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