6 life rules you should never break for anyone



No matter how big a rule breaker you are, some things in life just can’t be crossed. There is a certain limitation to everything in life.

Even if you are powerful, authoritative or just humble, there are boundaries that other people neither you can cross.

These are some essential rules that should be absolutely non-negotiable. Even if it is your loved one, you should never have to break such rules for your anyone.

Here are some of them:

1. Getting closer to you

Not listening to your heart, intuition, or not, doing things your way is a sign that you are not treating yourself with respect. You should be able to prioritise yourself and not let others walk all over you, or else, there is unhappiness, distress and disappointment waiting for you.

2. Others taking advantage of you

Never keep yourself in a position where others can easily take advantage of you. Agreeing to help others only when it is convenient to them is a sure-shot sign that others are taking advantage of you. You should learn to say no at the right time so that you aren’t left feeling alone and heartbroken.

3. Wasting away your time

If you’re idle and have no work to do, find something immediately that will keep you occupied. It is always advised to take a break in between the hustle of daily life, but don’t extend that break to a long time, so that you keep procrastinating. If someone is motivating you to waste your time further, immediately shift away from the person as they are wasting your valuable time.

4. Accepting manipulative love

If your instinct is advising you to stay away from people who are secretly manipulating you, then listen to your gut. Manipulative love will take you nowhere. You may feel on cloud nine at moment and feel completely torn, the next moment. Also remember, if your partner is manipulating you to get what they want, then it isn’t love.

5. Not choosing mental health over everything else

You should never risk prioritising your mental health over someone else. If you do, it will completely disbalance your life. Accepting others’ lies, manipulation techniques etc. can put a toll on your mind, making it difficult for you to take care of your mental health.

6. Making you choose

Your partner, friend or family should never ask you to choose between friends and family. This is an unspoken rule that only gets complicated with time. This is indeed very selfish of them to ask you to prioritise amongst your close ones. This puts you in a tough spot, so never let your partner or anyone else have that power over you.

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