How to remedy feelings of growing apart from your spouse



At the start of your marriage you probably made a conscious effort to spend time with your spouse by setting aside time, planning fun dates, and even simply heading out to grab a bite together.

But the journey of life sadly sees you fall out of step with your partner on more than one occasion.

If you happen to be feeling distant from your partner then this has probably happened in your case. But there is never a bad time to start to change things up.

If you have strong feelings for your partner and wish to reignite the passion in your marriage, then here are a few things you can do if you feel as if you are growing apart from your husband or wife.

1. Argue constructively

At a time when you feel as if you’re taken for granted by your spouse and are plagued by the feeling of being detached and distant, arguments may frequently crop up between you and your mate. So, one of the first things you need to do is ensure you are addressing the root of the problem. If you are frustrated and sulking because of their absence from your life, then let them know point blank that you would like to reconnect intimately and spend more time together. It would be a shame to let disagreements fester when the solution couldn’t be simpler.

2. Exercise radical honesty and acceptance

Many a time, partners feel as though their spouse isn’t taking enough interest in their life. You can remedy this by setting aside your inhibitions for a week or two as a trial and simply exercising radical acceptance. Say yes, and be enthusiastic about any activity your spouse suggests doing together. This can be anything from shopping for curtains, to meeting his colleagues or even walking the dog together.

3. Create new habits together

It is not uncommon for couples who have been married for decades together to get engrossed in household chores, work and neglect their mate a little. If you’ve fallen out of your old habits then, there’s no better time to start new rituals together that help you restart your romance.

Be it taking up gardening, taking a pottery class or watching your weight together; you can fall back into step while enjoying the process immensely!

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