7 subtle signs he’s afraid of losing you



You know your world would fall apart without him, but does he feel the same way?

Guys aren’t the most forthcoming with their feelings, which is a shame since most women would love to be reassured from time to time, especially on the subject of commitment.

So we’ve put together 7 signs that he’s seriously afraid of losing you, and if there’s any doubt left over, a few tips on what you can do to make him cherish you even more:

1. He always finds time to be with you

If your man has no problem canceling all of his other plans just to be with you, you have him hook, line, and sinker — he is afraid of losing you.

He is often the one to initiate dates and no one can stop him from showing at your door in the middle of the night. Of course, he is only a human being, so some circumstances make this hardly possible.

But if he truly values you, he will always make you a priority of his. Also, you will never feel that you smother him because he always enjoys your company.

2. He cares about how you feel

With him, you feel safe. And your heart can feel it deeply too.

He treats your feelings like a fragile treasure. He isn’t rash and he is prudent when it comes to matters that concern you. He will never get back at you even when he is upset.

When he knows the things that hurt you, he will do his best to avoid those. You and your feelings matter to him.

3. He gives you gifts for no apparent reason

A man in love is a man who’s willing to give his all — at any moment.

Because he fears a break-up, he often surprises you with small gifts for just any random occasion. It’s his way of showing how much you mean to him.

And let’s be honest: receiving gifts now and then makes us feel very special, eh?

He has put so much thought into them. There is nothing more beautiful in his world than seeing a smile on your face and being the one who caused it.

4. He avoids any form of a fight with you

When a man fears losing you, he will do everything he can to avoid fighting. He thinks that losing you is the worst thing that could happen to him so he will never risk it happening.

Even if he doesn’t agree with something you’re saying, he will back down a bit and won’t make a fight out of it because he doesn’t want to make you feel disrespected.

He doesn’t raise his voice nor does he use harsh words that might hurt you. He cares about you enough that he’s willing to give up on an argument just to make you feel safe and valued.

5. He makes sure your fights don’t last more than a day

There’s no way he can go without talking to you for days.

When the anger subsides, it doesn’t matter to him who is right and who is wrong — he will be the first to apologize.

It doesn’t matter anymore what you were fighting about. He will find ways to get you two talking again. It might be a bit cold at first, but before you know it — the baby talk is back!

6. He puts effort into sorting things out

In connection to number 5, if after a fight and then reconciliation, he still feels there is something that’s bothering you, he won’t just abandon the issue at that.

He will let you feel that he gets you and he will hear you vent because he understands you need to let it all out. He is all ears in discussing things till all the creases are ironed out.

You will feel heard and your feelings validated. It will make you so happy you’ll wonder what’s wrong with all the other men before him.

7. He cares about your family members and friends

A guy who loves you loves (or wants to love) everyone you love.

This is because the people who mean something to you mean something to him as well. Thus, he makes sure that you know that he gets along with all the people that are important and close to you.

He wants them to like him too. But, of course, he will do this in such a way he doesn’t seem desperate. But just know that this happens because he fears he might lose you.

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