Why you should never take a shower right after a meal



Let’s accept it! It happens to all of us that we feel lazy and eat breakfast before taking a shower, and then quickly go to a bath for an urgent meeting.

But when we take a shower, it cools down the body temperature and slows down the entire digestion process and this is why taking a bath right after a meal is considered unhealthy for the body.

Our ancestors also advised that one should always bathe first and then eat the food. Let’s take a quick look at the medical, Ayurvedic side of this action.

The Ayurvedic philosophy

Taking a bath is considered a cooling process that cools down the body. According to Ayurvedic, when someone takes a shower just after eating food, it slows down circulation, which in turn slows down the digestive fire. Digestion requires a lot of energy and a good amount of blood flow toward the stomach. Thus, taking a shower after a meal is considered blasphemous according to Ayurveda. The right time to take shower is 1-3 hours before a meal.

The medical reason

Medical science too agrees with Ayurveda as it says that the blood circulation is diverted which imbalances the body temperature abruptly, thus slowing down digestion.

Taking a warm shower

However, when you shower with warm water, this process is called hyperthermic action that stimulates the body and is considered good for the body. A warm shower or bath is said to relax your nervous system while stimulating your immune system and sweet glands which further helps in flushing out the toxins.


Of all the side effects of this action, it can result in obesity, weight gain, and a bad digestive system! It can also affect the immunity of a person negatively. Thus, for future practices, one should avoid taking a shower just after a bath and plan their day accordingly.

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