Why you should soak pineapple in salt water before consuming it



We’ve all got our favorites when it comes to fruits and veggies.

I’ve always been a massive fan of pineapple. To me, nothing tastes better after a long, hot day than fresh, juicy pineapple

So color me interested when I heard about soaking pineapple in salt water, a hack that I definitely had to learn.

Why should you wash pineapple in salt water?

Pineapple, along with its many health benefits, has an incredibly distinct taste. Some stay away while others (like me) can’t get enough. The physical effects—a tingling or itchy sensation in the mouth and throat—are a big reason people prefer not to eat this golden fruit. They’re caused by bromelain, a protein in pineapple that breaks down other proteins while it’s active. If the flavor isn’t doing it for you, that odd feeling can be hard to overcome.

That’s why soaking or washing pineapple in salt water is such a great hack. Salt helps inactivate the bromelain enzymes and even adding a small amount of salt can enhance the fruit’s sweetness making it even more delicious.

Here’s how to do it

*Cut your pineapple and place it in 1-2 cups of water
*Add in 1 tablespoon of sea salt
*Soak for around one minute and enjoy!

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