Does post-s*x action matter in a relationship?



Communication is more than just what we say. In fact, a lot of what we mean is decoded by our actions and facial expressions.

If for example you hand someone a gift and they sulk first and then say they are truly happy, you will know that they didn’t like the gift regardless of what they said.

These small details also matter in our interactions with our partners, because it’s those small reactions we have at crucial moments like post-sex, that tell us what we need to know.

For some, how their partners behave after sex isn’t a big deal. But the truth is that it is in fact a big deal and here’s why.

1. It is part of affirmation

If you know about love languages, you’ve probably heard about words of affirmation. This is one of the most key things you must include in your relationship to survive.

An affirmation can also mean more than just words. After sex, that cuddle or kiss on the forehead is important for a woman to remember that she’s sharing her body with someone who truly cares about her. Even if she doesn’t think it’s necessary, subconsciously it helps boost her esteem and confidence in the relationship.

2. It helps you feel closer

The bond you have when you first fell for each other won’t automatically stick. Just like muscles, it needs to be worked out and maintained for it to remain strong.

After sex, you’re both very vulnerable because you’ve exposed intimate sides of yourselves. So when you hold hands or kiss when you both have nothing to hide, it makes the moment feel more special.

3. You’re able to gauge the temperature in your relationship

Sometimes couples will still have sex even when there are issues going on. Others even use it to numb themselves of a toxic situation.

If usually you would spend more time together after sex, but then of late you’ve just been rushing through the process, it will tell you that there’s still some problems that need to be dealt with.

If you’re not okay, you might still want to have sex but when that’s done, it will be hard to force yourselves to go on like nothing is wrong and the tension and anger will still be there.

4. It’s a way of healing

There are many people who have gone through traumatic events in their past. For them it takes a lot of effort to think of sex as a positive thing and they need more love, patience and care.

In this situation, it helps to spend more time together after sex. It helps them feel safe, which can encourage healing.

5. It makes you happier as a couple

Couples who shower together, stay together. It’s true because when you do your post-sex after-care together, you bond more.

If you think about it, there is a difference between how a one-night stand is handled and when you’re in a committed, loving relationship.

In the latter, you will want to laugh together, take a warm shower or maybe even go for another round. The point is that there will be no rush to avoid each other after sex because what you have is real love.