6 things parents of boys must teach them



When it comes to raising kids, we somehow end up laying different ground rules for sons and daughters.

While many parents justify this difference, what they miss out in the process is disseminating the right information to the right gender.

In a general manner, the rules around a daughter center mostly around protecting herself, the rules around a son are focused more on saving the dignity of the family lineage.

However, there are certain things that parents often miss out on telling their sons:

1. You are not a superior gender

Though you might be stronger in terms of physical strength, that does not mean you are stronger than your sister or in that term any other girl. You are just a part of the society as girls are.

2. Help those in need

Do not just seek help from others. Do not feel bad to help others. Always lend a hand to even those whom you don’t even know. Opening a door for someone, helping somebody to cross the road or participating in a social activity can actually help you learn new things in life. A help will definitely get you help in return.

3. ​Respect all

Irrespective of gender, and age, respect each and every one you meet in life. A person who might be younger to you can give you good life teachings.

Respect has no rules. You should limit your idea of respect to people whom you know or people whom you consider to be respectable.

4. ​Anger needs to be controlled

Do not vent out your anger, because your gender has been doing so always! Learn how to compose your calmness during aggressive times.

Always remember people move away from an angry person but people will always love someone who remains calm even in rough times.

5. Don’t belittle others

Once again, your gender does not make you a superior human being. You do not have the right to belittle any person.

Always treat fellow human beings with compassion and kindness. Even when someone is not as privileged as you are you need to show them respect. Their lack of privilege is none of your concern.

​6. Be gentle

There is a reason why gentlemen are adored by all. Learn to say pleasant words like sorry, thank you and please whenever and wherever it is required.

Being a timid person is not advisable, but being down to earth can take you to new heights.

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