5 reasons you need to get an HIV test done asap



Have you ever got tested for HIV/AIDS? Think long and hard about this and answer. Don’t be relaxed by the fact that you are relatively healthy.

When a person first contracts HIV/AIDS they might experience flu-like symptoms for a few weeks and go on several years without actually experiencing any symptoms;

If you haven’t done one, here are five reasons why it is necessary;

Maybe the first time you had sex or a random drunken night when you had sex, and you didn’t use any protection. Even if it is just one time you had sex without protection, you need to carry out an HIV test.

Ignorance is not bliss in this case. It’s much worse if you have HIV and you don’t know, yet you keep having unprotected sex with others spreading the disease like a party pack.

Many people are more scared of pregnancy than HIV, but birth control methods do not prevent you from contracting HIV. The only sure protection against HIV is abstinence and using a condom. If your partner hasn’t done a test and you kept on having sex without protection, you might contract it.

You don’t want to be the absolutely wicked partner that cheats and still passes on an STD. If you’ve cheated on your partner and you didn’t use protection, then you need to get tested.

Men with same-sex partners are 28 times more likely to get HIV. When it comes to oral sex though, except ejaculation is done in your mouth and you swallowed it, you are relatively safe. Even though transmission is low, you want to stay safe.

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