AKA opens up about how he spent his first million – Watch




AKA has opened up about how he spent his first million.

The star made it known during an interview with SAHipHopMag.

AKA was asked about how he spent his first million rand paycheque. “When you get your first million in your account what was one of the things you did?”

In response, the super mega revealed that he did not spend it the first time it appeared in his account since he was enjoying looking at the big numbers in his account. 

“I just looked at it, just walked around and make sure it didn’t go under a certain amount because I just wanted that thing (balance) I just wanted to look at it all the time, you know.”

The award-winning rapper disclosed that he quickly invested the money in different things in a bid to enhance his music career.

AKA stated that he went on and invested in people whom he was going to work with and to help him achieve his goals as a rapper.

As soon as that money was in, it was out, I run my own business you know, I shoot my videos, I invest in those things,” he said. “I invest in stage, design, I invest in people, that’s the number 1 thing, I invest in people, videographers, photographers all types of stuff man.”

“I’m able to be really the artist I am today because I decided a long time ago that I need to start a band, that has allowed me to play at Capetown Jazz Festival, you talking about somebody who has done all those big festivals.”

Watch video below:

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