3 ways to preserve an open bottle of wine



Once you open a bottle of wine, the clock starts ticking and the wine starts to lose its aromas and flavours.

Oxygen present in the air starts attacking wine, and can turn it into vinegar if left unattended.

We all love a glass of wine. This is probably why, on several occasions, we end up opening more bottles than actually required.

As such, we are also, often, left with opened but unfinished bottles of wine. At such times, what do you do considering oxygen can spoil wine?

Worry not, as we bring to you some handy tips to extend the life of your wine, and store them properly for later consumption.

Here are three ways that can help save wine and keep it fresh for longer.

1. Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump helps suck the air out of the bottle by creating a vacuum and hence not allowing oxygen to come in contact with the wine. There are various brands available in the market that claim to keep the wine fresh for up to 2 weeks longer.

2. Keep your wine in the fridge

Keeping wines in the fridge can increase their shelf life. Also, red wines can be kept in the fridge, cold temperature will reduce the chemical changes and hence decrease the chance of air interacting with the wine.

3. Store the bottle upright

Yes, keeping a wine bottle upright increases its life as it reduces the surface area of wine in contact with oxygen. This, further, slows down the process of oxidation (chemical reaction which takes place when oxygen in the air comes into contact with the alcohol in wine).

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