Kabza De Small reacts as load-shedding ruined his performance (Video)


Kabza De Small was performing at a show recently when the light suddenly went off.

The issue of load-shedding in South Africa isn’t new anymore and people have voiced out in anger and pain about it.

In the video which surfaced on social media, the King of Amapiano was performing to an excited crowd when the power went off.

The DJ’s mood changed almost immediately while the crowd expressed disappointment.

“This is genuine bullsh!t. I just cannot fathom it. I left SA 10 years ago. Load shedding started years before I left and they said its to save power and that this issue will be solved soon. 10 years later and its worse,” a social media reacted to the video.

“No lie maybe it’s western problems but I couldn’t live like this. Ruins businesses, ruins appliances, lives at stake yet the Government and Eskom have collected nd keep collecting billions from the international community to solve this issue however,” the person added.

Watch the video below:


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