How to stay sane while hunting for a job



Being jobless is one of the most grueling situations ever.

It’s not easy knowing every day that your former classmates are doing big things with their lives, while you have nothing to do and sometimes, people around you can start losing respect for you, unfortunately.

On top of that, the process of looking for a job isn’t smooth either.

Thousands of people apply for the same position whenever there’s a job opening, and all of them have to go through that difficult process of waiting.

This is definitely a tough season in your life and you’ll need a lot of patience and perseverance as you wait.

But meanwhile, these are some of the things you can do to stay sane and keep hope alive.

1. Talk to someone who understands

Everyone goes through different kinds of struggles every day, some which are tougher than others. And there are people that won’t understand what’s there to complain about if you tell them that you’re feeling discouraged about a tough job-search process.

What you’re going through is very real so don’t suppress how you’re feeling. It would help if you reached out to someone you know who can encourage you whenever you’re down.

2. Have a healthy outlet for stress

Some people have actually ended up sinking into despair because of situations like these. The stress can even triple if you don’t embrace healthy coping mechanisms.

Try and think of ways that can ease your mind for a while. You can revive your hobbies, go for daily walks, play sports with your buddies and try other things that won’t increase those feelings of isolation and anxiety.

3. Have a consistent routine

Mental health and routines are strongly connected. Even though you don’t have a job right now, you can still benefit from having one.

This works because you’ll know that you need to be doing something specific at a particular time. It’s better than having too much idle time or a disorganized life, which can also trigger depression.

4. Sharpen your skills meanwhile

It’s true that the process of learning never ends. It is not possible to know everything under the sun regardless of how confident you are.

Therefore, this is your opportunity to improve on those areas in your field that you’ve always wanted to work on. Or, you can have sessions where you revise the things you’ve already learnt, including facts about the companies you’ve been applying for.

You also have time to work on your interview skills. Research on some more tips that will help you be fully confident when you finally get that call.

Take breaks, but don’t quit

It’s not easy to apply over and over again and not get any response. Your motivation slowly dies and eventually, you can end up quitting on life altogether.

If you reach a point where you feel done, take some time off for yourself then come back after replenishing your energy. This strategy is better than quitting because you could miss out on opportunities that were waiting for you, if only you remained persistent.

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