6 employees share the most demotivating thing bosses say



While there are some good bosses, we have many mean bosses that co-exist.

Some pull you down, some complain about you while some gossip about you to other team members.

Having an ideal boss is very important in any workplace but some employees have the bad luck of dealing with a demotivating and cruel boss.

Here 6 employees anonymously share accounts of the most demotivating thing their bosses have said to them.

1. “You have a lot of expectations on your head”

“When your boss says this, they are putting a lot of pressure on your head to excel and always be productive. They are indirectly asking you to fill in the shoes of the earlier employee who was there in your place. This way, they are determining your professional capacity in terms of the older employees.”

2. “You can’t handle anything. I will do it”

“When I heard this I instantly felt demotivated. I felt like my productivity didn’t sum up into anything. Whatever hard work I had done for the project was crumbled into pieces when my boss said this in front of everyone. I was reduced to an employee who couldn’t handle any work. That killed my motivation to work.”

3. “Run everything by me first”

“This may be a cautionary move but this shows the lack of trust between a boss and their employee. My boss didn’t trust me enough to get the work done by myself. I would have reported to them with the details anyways but to be specifically told to get everything run by them first is actually upsetting.”

4. “They are always right”

“When your boss always holds the other person right instead of believing you, then there is no trust that has been formed between you and your boss. That trust should be there. I had my boss tell me that my other colleague is always right and that I should cross-check my work once again because I may be at fault. This felt horrifically bad.”

5. Look at what….did today”

“When your boss gives you an example of how another star employee has done their work, you may feel that your work and position aren’t valued enough. Being compared to other employees openly isn’t uncommon in the workplace but it can feel very unfair. My previous boss used to compare me with the star employee all the time. I felt dejected.”

6. “Please don’t question me”

Employees learn from their bosses by asking questions, feedback and the quality of their performance. But if my boss outright refuses to answer my questions or clear my confusion, I am being denied the opportunity to grow as an employee in my company. And that’s why I left that workplace. My boss wasn’t supportive or nice at all.”

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