Top 5 free apps for women to track their periods



Every sexually active woman needs a period tracker, not only to check when her period is on its way, but to understand her body.

Periods come with a lot of baggage, even before your period, your body might be acting up, not to talk of ovulation with its own symptoms.
Having a period tracker helps you know what’s happening to your body at every point in time.

That’s why we came up with the best free apps to track your periods.

If you have no clue, the Clue app promises to teach you about your body. It offers tracking choices for practically anything that occurs in your body during your cycles, such as period-induced acne or PMS pains.

Every single day, millions of users log in to record their ovulation and period symptoms into the flo app. It is the most popular period tracker. It generates graphs that tell you what’s happening with your body like cramps, discharge, mood swings and so on.

Glow by Eve allows you to monitor your sex life and exercise routines in addition to period tracking. Its simple, lovely user interface has attractive graphics and icons.

Cycles are extremely customizable and attractive. It distinguishes itself from the other apps by including your partner in the tracking process.

You can ask him to sync with the software on his device so he can know when you are on period or when it is coming. Tracking it with your partner helps him understand your irregular mood swings and weird cravings and who’s to say you won’t get a period package out of it?

The Ovia app might be your best option if you want to avoid getting your period because it is more of a fertility tracker.

It helps you check your basal body temperature, cervical position, and cervical mucus. You also track your cycle and based on the information you enter, it can anticipate your menstruation or fertility.

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