5 ways to fake an orgasm



Faking an orgasm is not a good thing but sometimes you have to do it especially when you know that your partner is sensitive to such things.

This comes in handy if you had bad sex but to end it you want to fake it. There are situations when he is probably doing an awesome job but you are still not feeling it due to your mood.

So faking an orgasm is one way to deal with that tricky situation. So to help you out, here are 5 ways to fake an orgasm.

1. Arch your back

If you want to fake an orgasm, make it cinematic, give it that touch which includes the arching of your back which comes only when you have that eureka feeling during an orgasm. In an orgasm you experience a kind of ecstasy and you tend to writhe around and push your hips up too.

2. Pull his hair

To show the force and his effect, pull hair, grasp his skin a little. This is another way of faking an orgasm. You could also pull his lips, bite a little to let him know that you enjoyed it.

3. Shake a little

When you are about to come, the body experiences some shaking. Heave your bosom, rub them a little because that is what happens when you are climaxing. Also, clench and unclench your Vag as that is what happens when you orgasm.

4. Be loud

Do not be dramatically loud like the porn movies show but you can flex your vocal chords, sound a little sexy and scream a little. You can always yelp “I’m coming, I’m coming” and be husky with a bit of “oohs” and “aahs”.

5. Pant and say “Wow”

Once he is done, pant and heave and then keep saying “wow” like you mean it. You can also half hug him and heave and say “that was amazing” and do not forget to say “that was something new!” Men love it when you stroke their ego and if it comes “naturally” then they are sure to be on the ninth cloud.

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