Lady Du schools fans on how to make money with music




Lady Du has taken to her Twitter to school her fans how to make money with music.

The star who claimed it is not a paid partnership revealed that she just wants to help those who have an interest in joining the music industry.

Lady Du said they need to register to SAMRO music and they should keep recording enough music.

“Let me school you on how to make money with music! Forget the fame and followers you can make millions even without it  so kindly read this with understanding Register @SAMROMusic @OfficialSAMPRA. this is no paid partnership I’m teaching you something y’all need to know”

“Then keep recording as many songs as you can, when one hit and you build your brand keep recording!!! Reason for this is, I calculate my profit a month on the lowest-selling song feature or not, I registered all the songs I’m on which go up to over 100 songs”

Lady Du continued: “So if I calculate at my lowest selling song, let’s say that song makes 3000 a month x 100 = 300k a month y’all already know I have a lot of hit songs but I always calculate on the lowest one, This is called mass production like. Never compare yourself to other people do you always, fake is hard when you let people into your space, but remember being yourself is cheaper, living like you’re broke even when you have money is better. No one will ever know whether you have money or you’re broke”

“Lastly stop moving to places with high Levies for status, you can still have a luxury home and live peacefully in other areas with safe environments. Just do your research” 

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