“My b!tch is gay,” AKA slams claim of being xenophobic


AKA slammed a Twitter user who accused him of being xenophobic.

Since the twar with Burna Boy two years ago, some Nigerians have labeled the SA star with various hideous names.

Conversing on Twitter over the weekend, AKA whose real name is Kiernan Forbes responded to some xenophobic claims about South Africa.

“Speak facts!!! If there really was a “genocide” or “massacre” of your citizens in this country wouldn’t your government have announced the NAMES or number of fatalities?? CNN fed you fake news and you devoured it,” he said.

However, he got triggered after a tweep directed the claim at him; and he creatively responded to the troll using a line from rapper Central Cee’s song, Doja.

“How can I be xenophobic… my bitch is gay.”


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