Demi-Leigh marks 5th year anniversary of being crowned Miss Universe


Demi-Leigh as Miss Universe 5 years ago

Demi-Leigh Nel Peters (Tebow) celebrates the 5th year anniversary of being crowned Miss Universe.

The star shared photos on social media, saying 5 years ago, she won the pageant, which made her the 2nd South African to win.

“Today marks 5 years, half a decade since I became the 2nd South African to become @missuniverse. What an opportunity of a lifetime. I will forever be grateful to South Africa for trusting me to represent our incredible country on a world stage. This win was not just a personal victory, but I hope a victory for every young boy and girl growing up in a small tiny town with a heart full of big dreams. With hard work and a ton of dedication, much is possible,” she wrote.

Demi-Leigh further listed things she’s learnt within the past 5 years.

1. My MU crown was temporary, but the ripple effect of impact you can have is endless.

2. We all have a platform and the ability to make positive change in the lives of others

3. The two hardest things I’ve faced in my life to date (losing my baby sister & surviving an armed hijack) has led me to finding my life’s biggest purpose.

4. Find a life partner who doesn’t just share your interests, but shares your purpose.

5. Community is everything. I am so grateful for my handful of true friends and the community we have here on social media. I love getting to do life with all of you. Thank you for your continued love and support. Here’s to the last 5 most incredible years


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